Hello World

If you googled me because I submitted an application to work for your company, you should hire me. Not because of this website, this is just for fun… but because I have over ten years of experience in higher education, marketing, and web. Here’s a few examples of my work:

Why is this web guy applying for this position?

I love working in web, but I am open to trying something new after doing the same thing for over 10 years. I’m not just a code monkey. I do code, yes… but that’s just a small part of what I do.

My degree is in CIS, I manage projects, I like tech/gadgets, I’m skilled at troubleshooting both software and hardware, and I enjoy collaborating with colleagues to plan and create solutions.

Most importantly, I’m always learning.

I’m human, too…

You’ve already seen my resume, I know. I’ll show some personality. I spend my free time enjoying:

      • hockey
      • Formula 1
      • soccer
      • video games
      • craft beer (off the clock, I’m a professional)
      • homebrewing
      • cooking

I like my privacy

I’ve worked with social media professionally, but I’ve limited the use of it in my personal life. The locked down twitter account is the only thing I have.

Still reading? 

You have my information. Let’s chat.