Changing Seasons – Lego 31038


31038-3Name: Changing Seasons
Item Number: 31038
Pieces: 536
Ages: 8-12
Price: $50 US
Released: June 2015



31038-4Creator is one of my favorite series and I’ve been waiting for this set to release for a while now. It is a 3-in-1 set with a build for summer, fall, and winter. The main build is the summer house, while the fall is the ‘intermediate’ build, and the winter is the ‘easy’ or ‘quick’ build. I didn’t find that any of these were different in terms of difficulty, as the build techniques are pretty straight forward. However, the winter house was the fastest of the 3. I’m going to cover them each, in the order that I built them.

Fall Build


31038-5This was my least favorite of the 3 builds. That’s not to say that it is a bad build, but the other 2 were really good. Overall it felt tedious, there was a lot of straightening 1×1 pieces, and the interior was underwhelming. However, I did think enjoy the pile of leaves, skulls, witch, bat, and mushroom details. It was also the worst use of the red light brick included with this set.

Winter Build


I really enjoyed the winter build. My favorite part is the siding of the cabin, built with slope pieces to give it the illusion that it is built with logs. The inclusion of white/snow slope pieces (and how they were used in the other builds) was also nice. The interior detail includes a large chair, rug, lamp, desk, and fireplace. The red light brick adds a nice glow. This was my favorite build of the set.

Summer Build

31038-131038-8The summer build is the primary build of this set and uses the most (all) pieces. The interior detail is disappointing, including only a desk and chair, but the house itself is very nice. The pool with basketball/hoop is charming, though a little small. There is also a tree, chair, table, and mailbox outside. The best part of this build is the barbecue/grill, a great use of the red light brick. I’m also fond of the lawnmower and flowers/greenery detail outside of each window.


Overall this is a great set for the price point. It includes a good amount of useful pieces, including the special red light brick. It’s also nice when a set comes with instructions for 3 builds. I love the idea of having a house for each season, and will likely have each displayed during the appropriate season over the next 6 months.