Android Apps

I’ve been on Android for 2 or 3 weeks now, overall I like it. ┬áHere are some apps that I recommend…

Of course there are others that I use, but chose to leave out because they aren’t good and just convenient. I’m sure there are other exceptional apps that I haven’t found yet, let me know if you have one.

Advanced Task Killer

See what system bloat is eating memory, close apps that you are no longer using. Can be done manually with the app, a 1 click widget or set to run on a timer. Free version will suffice for most.


Game, mix elements and see what it makes.. time killer.


My pick for a units converter, basic and advanced options.


The default music player is okay.. but this one is better, plus the desktop app is really easy to adjust from (because it mocks) iTunes/iPhone

Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Youtube

Covers social media.. get the official apps, don’t bother with any of that integrated garbage built in to your phone’s UI. Also, the twitter app is good – don’t understand why somebody would use anything else at this point. All of these work pretty well, though facebook opens my browser for some basic functionality – complete fail.


It’s a camera with Fx, interested? Check it out for yourself.

Google Sky Map

Any kind of nerd that wants to see stars will love this.

Google Voice

If you aren’t using Google Voice yet, please let me know why not.

Instant Buttons

Funny little app with internet memes and ebaums world sound clips.

ixMAT Scanner

Turns your camera into a barcode scanner, supports DataMatrix and QR too.

Meebo IM

Any IM service, one app – simple and easy.


WarioWare wannabe.


Turns your phone into a trackpad and keyboard for any machine on your network. Uses Java. Great for my media center PC.

SNesoid ($)

SNES Emulator , seems to work pretty well on my phone. Recommended for RPG games, other games – hesitant based on your phone/controls.

Speed Test on your phone.

Spirit level Plus

I wouldn’t do any construction with it, but if I am hanging a picture this will do.

Tasker ($)

Powerful automation software, may be difficult for someone without logic/programming background to use. There are a lot of pre-made profiles on their wiki though. Well worth the cost.


Flashlight, has morse code and strobe functions.


A better way to remove unwanted apps.

Wifi Analyzer

If you are on the go often (and like to steal wireless) or just want to see a lot of information about nearby wireless networks, this is nice. Helps you to select the best channel for your network.

About Windows 7 Discs

If your life is anything like mine, you find yourself in dozens of situations a year (no matter how much you resist) where a relative or friend breaks their Windows install beyond repair and asks you to “take a look at it.” Even if you are just a standard computer user, capable of performing your own windows install and find yourself in a situation where you don’t have the disc to match the SKU (Pro, Ultimate, Home, Etc) of your license – these tips are going to soothe your pain.

Power Facts

  • There are really only 2 different versions of Windows discs, 32-bit and 64-bit
  • The difference between a 32-bit Home Premium disc and 32-bit Ultimate disc is the text contained within 1 file
  • This file can be edited to make the disc install any SKU
  • or this file can be deleted and force the installer to prompt for what SKU you are installing
Windows 7 disc file system
Deleting the ei.cfg file eliminates all of the potential Windows SKU problems when it comes to installing.

Note: This does not change the fact that you need to have a valid license and product key for the SKU of windows you are installing. Microsoft needs more money, pay for your Windows. $100-$130 for an OEM version of Home Premium or Professional (malware free!) that controls every function on your machine and is paying for itself every time your computer is powered on is a bargain compared to most software today.

Make your own “universal” Windows 7 disc

  1. Copy Files from the disc to your computer for editing
  2. Browse to sources/ei.cfg
  3. Delete the ei.cfg file
  4. Burn contents of disc to a new DVD, remember to check/set the “Bootable disc” option in your burning software.

Easy! It is well worth having 2 of these, one 32-bit and another 64-bit, in my computer toolbox at all times. When it is faster to reinstall than fixing the problem, put the disc in and boot, find their product key – and make sure to set automatic updates and a virus scan for them this time.

Then pray that they don’t call you for another year or 2.